Tube Bending

As the metal fabrication authority, VP Metal is a specialist in tube bending and tube manipulation…


LaserNett is a specialist in tube bending and tube manipulation. LaserNett’s knowledge and high standards of metal fabrication excellence combined with our precision machinery, ensures customers receive the finest in tube bending.

LaserNett is capable of bending the following:

Aluminized Steel Tube 16GA

Tube diameterCentreline radius of a bend
Ø1.0″R1.5″, R1.75″
Ø1.25″R1.5″, R2.0″, R3.0″
Ø1.5″R2.25″, R2.5″
Ø1.75″R2.5″ (16ga and 13ga) , R3.5″, R5.0″
Ø1.875″R2.5″, R3.0″, R4.0″
Ø2.0″R2.0″, R2.5″, R3.0″, R4.0″, R4.5″
Ø2.25″R2.25″, R3.0″, R3.75″, R4.5″
Ø​2.75″​R2.75″, R3.25″
Ø3.0″R3.0″, R3.5″, R4.5″, R5.0″, R6.0″
​Ø3.5″R3.5″, R4.0″, R4.5″, R6.0″
​Ø4.0″R4.0″, R4.5″, R6.0″, R8.0″
Ø5.0″R5.0″, R5.5″, R6.0″, R6.5″, R8.0″
Ø6.0″R6.5″, R7.0″, R8.0″, R10.0″

Stainless Steel Tube 16GA

Tube diameterCentreline radius of a bend

ALUM 6063-T5 Square Tube, 13GA

Tube diameterCentreline radius of a bend

Our custom pipe bending process uses a precision mandrel bender that slowly draws a tube over a die. We use this process of metal tube bending because it provides a smooth, aesthetically pleasing appearance while maintaining the full and smooth diameter of the tube throughout the bend.

Use LaserNett’s tube bending services today and see why we are your professional one-stop metal fabrication shop.