About us

We only hire well-experienced fabricators as we value the quality. We hold a long record for any metal parts, manufactured items, and components.

About VP Metal Fabrication Inc 


VP Metal Fabrication Inc is a metal fabrication company that does all-metal fabrications in real-time for our customers. We fabricate metals with the best quality, with the best designs, and will satisfy your requirements.
Established in 2018, our branch is located in Brampton, Ontario. We do not hesitate to say that we have already got a state of the art laser machines and all-metal fabrications in our well-placed business.

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Our journey of success doesn’t come with easiness. It has come with several dedications and so many efforts. Our products are highly created with quality and with the maximum effort of well-experienced staff members. That is why we have become the most qualified metal fabricator in the industry.
We only hire well-experienced fabricators as we value the quality. We hold a long record for any metal parts, manufactured items, and components.
We have become the best on all metals fabrications throughout the industry so far. That only has come through the dedication and the qualified products we fabricate.


We are responsible for providing

•    Metal Fabrications
•    Laser cutting
•    Sheet metal bending
•    Best machining
•    Laser engraves
•    Welding
•    Tube bending
•    Sheet metal rolling
•    Powder coating



What our clients have become through us

Our clients have already succeeded in their paths by getting help from all metal fabrications. Customers are already achieved in the sectors like automation, robotics, elevators, plastics, food processing, pumping systems, construction sides, woodworking, heat exchanging, automotive sections, material handlings, healthcare sectors, and electric sections. So we are sure that our service has become broaden by having to deal with every kind of areas throughout the world.


Our Aim and our Facility

Our goal is bounded with continuous improvement in our business, and we are planning to invest more and more in the equipment as well as manpower to scale our business every year. Also, we are highly seeking to add qualified talents to our manufacturing facility so that we can give the best service with the best products to our customers.
We specialized in all metal fabrications. It comes with the corporation of yours, and we do our best to give what you want. We offer modeling, engineering, sampling, and manufacturing with our service.
Our team consists of the very best experienced staff, and we provide our services with the very best machinery in the industry. We use the best materials within our industry, and based on your requirements, your high-quality product is delivered to you. We believe that the only path to grow our business is customer satisfaction. So we are highly strict about maintaining good customer service, which will become the factor for our development.


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What we offer, and what quality do we have?

The vision of your mind does not go to be so far from reality anymore. We make your visions a reality. We are highly concerned about our customer services and doing our best for our customers through our service.

 Customers are our first partners in the industry. There will be no difference in the way we treat the customers, all are equal, and all are treated with the maximum effort on quality. Quality based products are the only thing you are going to get from us.

What are customers facilitated by us?
We are capable of any projects that you give us, and size is not a matter to us anymore. We do any size, and we have a 12000 square feet facility to render with our customers. All of the services are on-time delivered.

With a dedicated and experienced staff, VP Metal Fabrications are going to be the place where your dream comes true. We deliver quality and high end manufactured products. No more worries and no more time outs. We provide high-quality products with customer satisfaction, and we can guarantee that you will never look back once you experience us.