VP Metal fabrications ready to bring you all metals fabrications with all kinds of aspects you wanted. We bring you the reality of every metal fabrication with a strict time base and a specified budget. Do not ever worry about quality. We provide excellence with an exact 20 years full of experience.

Metal Equipment For Industries

VP Metal Fabrications Inc. has a good history of dealing with several industries, and so far, we have helped those industries become the best in their states by our metal fabrication. As we dream about reality we make our customers dreams come true for many industries and sectors. No matter what industry you are from, we value you, and we will give  you our maximum to achieve the best results for your projects.

Following shows some industries we help with our all metals fabrications.

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automation and robotics industry

Automation and Robotics

With all metal fabrications, we have serviced the automation and robotics industry in several ways. VP metal’s and the R and D automotive applications aim to search for a competitive advantage in our products’ market field. As these industries are holding a very competitive edge on their market, our main aim is to grow our projects through them and make a place in their market successfully.

Construction Sites


Construction sites will need continuous metal fabrications as their main product to use in construction. We have a high advantage to grow on their business category and are ready to give them a range of our services to complete their projects. We also create some techniques to increase the value of the construction industry, and the help we give them is going to be a continuous to the development of the sustainable field.

metal fabrications for construction sites
metal equipment for food processing

Equipment for Food Processing

We have spread our range of products to some different sectors like food processing as well. We give them high-quality equipment that was produced by VP metal fabrication, and we have the experts to make them of the highest quality.

Our company is responsible for creating a wide range of products that is most wanted by the food industry, and we assure that products to be in the quality and expectation of our clients. Our products to the food industry range will be so high, and with the help of our consultants who have specialist knowledge on these items, we make sure to give you high qualified materials to match with your perfection in the food industry.


We are a top leading company that runs with the manufacturing of HVAC parts, and we provide excellent condition HVAC parts with our knowledge on the field. So far, our special type of graded steel has already been used by military HVAC projects and commercials.

hvac manufacturing
metal equipment for medical field

Equipment for Medical Field


We manufacture products for the Healthcare and Medical industry. We manufactrure wheelchair parts and metal back shells for wheelchair backs. We also manufacture one-of-a-kind parts for medical equipment as required. We have taken that job to make that product in quality, and that is why we have become a main supplier in the health care sector so far.

VP Metal provide a series of categories to the health sector as wheelchair parts, health care equipment and parts, and hospital beds. We put our maximum effort into making high-quality equipment and with the top expert ideas with our team. We make them perfect.

Electrical Panels


Our manufacturing facility does provide metal fabrication part for electric panels as well. We have a big range for these products and they possess high-quality standard. We make these electric panels with advanced skills in the best quality, and those will be supplied for many industries with our excellence.

electrical panel manufacturer

VP metal Fabrications is a manufacturing facility that engages with all metal-related fabrications, and we are already spread over a range of industries so far. Our service is not only for one, and we produce high-quality products for several kinds of industries due to our quality. We provide full service to our service industries, and so far, we have grown with trust and quality in all of them. Ready to grow, and we make quality products with the best service to any industry.